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Floodlight/Wall Washer

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  • Factories/Warehouses
  • Gymnasiums
  • Landscaping/Gardens
  • Billboards/Advertising


External Driver Required Not Required
Dimmable No
Operating Voltage AC85V~265V
Lighting Angles 100°
IP Rating IP65
Power Factor > 0.90
Rated Life 50,000 hours
CRI WW = > 68, CW = >60
Weight 3500 grams
Measurements Ø290x236x183mm

Power Configurations

Power Consumption 40W 50W
LED Configuration 1x40W 1x50W
Chip Manufacturer BridgeLux SMD BridgeLux SMD
Colour/Brightness* 2700K-7000K - 3000lm 2700K-7000K - 3750lm
*Other colours and customisations available. Please contact us for details.