Transportation / Fleet / Marker Light

Red Locomotive LED Marker Light

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  • Locomotive Marker Light


Base Options Screw Terminal
External Driver Required Not Required
Operating Voltage 10-85VDC
Lighting Angles Light Direction: Front
Measurements Typical PAR46 Measurements
Notes Voltage Protection
Breakdown Voltage: VBD 120 VDC
Surge Current (IRMS): 9.1ARMS
Peak Power: 1500W
Inverse Voltage Protection: Non-polarized
Connection: As per customer requirement
Warranty: 3 years

Power Configurations

Power Consumption 4.8W
LED Configuration 72 LEDs
Chip Manufacturer
Colour/Brightness* Red - 100+ Candles minimum through entire voltage range
Wavelength: 660nm

Also available: white, yellow, blue, green
*Other colours and customisations available. Please contact us for details.